What Advice Would You Offer a Security Analyst to Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats?

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    What Advice Would You Offer a Security Analyst to Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats?

    In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, we sought the expertise of top industry professionals for their paramount advice. From analyzing staff targeting by cybercriminals to monitoring trends and networking proactively, here are the top five strategies provided by CEOs and Founders for Cybersecurity Specialists to stay ahead of evolving threats.

    • Analyze Staff Targeting by Cybercriminals
    • Embrace Continuous Learning and Experience
    • Engage with Industry Developments
    • Commit to Ongoing Learning and Training
    • Monitor Trends and Network Proactively

    Analyze Staff Targeting by Cybercriminals

    Always be looking at how staff are targeted by cybercriminals, given that most breaches occur because staff are tricked. This will provide insights into any vulnerabilities that exist from the perspectives of people and their processes, and provide direction on what technical controls can be implemented to offer further protection for staff.

    Mike Ouwerkerk
    Mike OuwerkerkFun, Engaging Cyber Security Awareness Trainer & Cultural Transformation Consultant, Web Safe Staff

    Embrace Continuous Learning and Experience

    Cybersecurity specialists are in a constant race against ever-changing threats. The key to staying ahead? Keep learning and getting hands-on experience. Regularly engage with threat intelligence feeds, participate in capture-the-flag competitions, and contribute to open-source security projects.

    Don't stop there! Broaden your skill set by exploring fields like cloud security, AI/machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). See how it can pay off? One security engineer boosted threat detection by 30% after learning machine learning.

    Lastly, be adaptable! Connect with other security pros at conferences and online forums to stay on top of new tricks cybercriminals use. By staying curious and taking a proactive approach, you'll stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

    Hodahel Moinzadeh
    Hodahel MoinzadehFounder & Senior Systems Administrator, SecureCPU Managed IT Services

    Engage with Industry Developments

    One piece of advice that I would offer to a Cybersecurity Specialist is to never stop learning to help stay ahead of the game. Cybersecurity Specialists need to consistently engage with the industry developments happening now; keeping up with the latest news, trends, and emerging threats through reliable sources is crucial. There are also a range of different training and CPD courses available, ensuring that skills remain sharp and current. By staying informed and continuously enhancing their knowledge, Cybersecurity Specialists can better protect their clients in this rapidly changing industry.

    Craig Bird
    Craig BirdManaging Director, CloudTech24

    Commit to Ongoing Learning and Training

    The best strategy for staying ahead of evolving threats as a cybersecurity specialist is to commit to a continuous learning and training plan. Hackers and cyber threats cause much havoc because they stay ahead of everyone else in terms of technology and vulnerabilities. The only way to match up to them is to learn and adapt just as quickly as they do.

    Regularly take and retake industry certifications to ensure you are staying updated on new knowledge and methodologies. Additionally, you should read industry news and join internet forums where vulnerabilities are discussed and best practices for combating them are shared. Another strategy is to attend webinars and conferences on cybersecurity to learn more from industry veterans and network with them.

    Clooney Wang
    Clooney WangCEO, TrackingMore

    Monitor Trends and Network Proactively

    Keep your ears to the ground. This involves continuously monitoring industry trends, threat intelligence reports, and emerging technologies. What's more, engage in professional forums, attend conferences, and subscribe to cybersecurity news feeds.

    Staying informed will help you anticipate potential vulnerabilities and adapt your security strategies accordingly. Maintaining an active network with other professionals in the field also provides valuable insights and collaborative opportunities to combat new threats effectively.

    In short: Keeping your ears to the ground ensures that you remain proactive rather than reactive in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

    Michael Gargiulo
    Michael GargiuloFounder, CEO, VPN.com